Emily Barney

Emily Barney

Phone: 07758 176 874

About me

I am BACP registered with a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling and I have a broad range of clinical experience of working with long-term open ended clients a well as short term more solution focused therapy, both privately and with the NHS,

My approach is based on the belief that we all have the ability to develop our own potential and overcome the challenges we meet in our lives. In an increasingly busy and frenetic world it is all too common to feel overwhelmed, stressed or lost in life. The therapeutic process can provide an opportunity for the client to take time out, to focus on and explore their own needs, wishes and dreams to find new ways of seeing and understanding their lives.

Within a confidential and collaborative therapeutic relationship, I will support the client to identify and reflect on their own need and agenda. Through deepening self-awareness clients can develop and strengthen their own sense of self and authenticity. Finding new perspectives and autonomy will allow the client to re-evaluate and overcome past difficulties or problems and better understand the complexity of their human experience.

Facilitating change will help the client to become more confident in utilising their own inner resources and tools to enrich their lives and their interaction with others.

There are many different reasons for us to turn to therapy, we may recognise patterns that seem to be repetitive and negative, we may be facing a new life challenge or ready to move away from something in our past we perceive of as stuck or blocking us.

As an integrative counsellor I will use approaches from psychodynamic and person-centred theories adapting them to the needs of the client. This is both what comes up in the hear and now in the room and how the past may have influenced the behaviour and choices.

I work one to one with individuals across all life stages with a variety of different issues including anxiety and depression, managing major life stage change, eating disorders, body issues, adoption, abandonment issues, self esteem and confidence, relational difficulties, managing work place stress and conflict, feeling stuck or creatively blocked.

Former careers as a dancer, a photographer and then a teacher has given me a wealth of experience of the creative process, a belief in our creative potential, and a visual language that continues to inform my work now. From working within education I have a clear understanding and empathy for the many levels of stress and anxiety teachers encounter throughout their careers and the impact of that on their work/life balance.

I abide by the BACP Code of Ethics



£50-65 for an hourly session